2 X 12" slim line radiator fans sierra escort cosworth

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Product information

This slim reversible electric fan is an easy-to-install aftermarket cooling fan.
It can be used for a variety of applications, including: a radiator fan replacement, A/C condenser cooling, oil or transmission cooler, mounting on an intercooler to reduce heat or cooling your radiator in a water-to-air intercooler setup.

Item Description:

* 2 x Fan

* Our products are 100 % Brand New
* Size: 12"
* Thickness (Motor Height): 2.5"
* Air Flow Rate: >1130 CBM/Hr
* Speed: 2100 RPM
* Power: 12VDC, 80W

* 4 Mounting backets

Here are a few reasons why these fans are superior to other aftermaket fans:

* The unique fan blade design allows you to pull or push air with the same velocity.

* The motor is easily reversible for any application. Most other fans are designed for one-way air flow.

* 12-15 v powerful motor ,7 Amps ,2150 CFM

* Our 12" fans have TEN points for the mounting feet giving you flexible installation options.

* These truly are slim fans. They measure only 2.5" at the deepest point, making them ideal for cramped areas.

* ABS plastic, lightweight

* No instructions. Professional installation is highly recommended

NOTE: If you're going to be using this fan in a very small area, consider our 10" fans as they might be more suitable.

Technical specifications

Product Code RF5482X12X2
Condition New